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top places to travel in 2012 and one bay city that made the list is a surprise to one. oakland was named the number 5 place to travel. here is more in oakland. what other cities came out on top? >> reporter: well, this is a big story in oakland and around the bay area and a big shocker for those who live in oakland and it is the number 5 place to visit in 2012. it has quite a list. not only the 5 in california or in the country, this is number 5 in the world. number one is panama and right before oakland is london and right after london is tokyo. these are amazing cities that they compared oakland to. one of the reasons the new york times ranks oakland so high is, because of restaurants and bar scenes. we'll have more at 8:30 in our full report. you can hear from oakland lovers. the full report coming up at 8:30. for now i'm da l i n. >>> today dozens of protestors rallied to take action on wall street banks in the excelsior district. she shows us what happened. >> reporter: protestors from all walks of life rallied here in the bankers tria
>>> protesters marching tonight in downtown oakland against what they call recent police brutality. you are looking live at police headquarters on 7th and broadway. at least 60 protesters are all wearing black and covering their faces. police are maintaining a strong presence saying it's part of their strategy to keep things under control in the area. no arrests so far. >>> the new york times has released the top 20 travel cities. oakland has been named the number five place to travel in the world. here is a look at the top five that made that new york times list. panama took the number one spot followed by finland, myanmar, and london. here's more on why oakland was picked. >> reporter: the new york times names oakland as the number five place to visit in 2012. some people say yeah, they can kind of see that but others say no way. >> i'm incredibly surprised. >> reporter: surprise and instead of naming it a place to avoid, the new york times says oakland is a world class destination. >> you look at lake merritt, you look at jack london square, you look at the parks. you look up i
they are the victim. >> unfortunately, oakland has been picked as the center of the movement and i think that maybe partly is for our fault. >>> but who else is responsible? tonight, we ask. why is occupy so violent in oakland? >> getting pretty tiring. >>> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. oakland city officials are surveying the damage today, following yesterday's chaotic occupy oakland actions. with an unsuccessful event to break into the vacant kaiser center, protesters broke into city hall. today, mayor jean quan showed report of some of the damage, saying the occupy protests have strained the city's resources and angered oakland residents. >> i think they have been treating us like a playground and i think everyone is losing patience. i think they are hurting the movement. oakland occupy is one of the national policy of occupies to be nonviolent,. >> the city estimates the damage from occupy protests since october is about $2 million. >>> hundreds of people were arrested in oakland last night, and today, some of those arrested were being released on bail. protesters entered a ymca building l
rasmus who is outside city hall in oakland where protests lead to vandalism over the weekend. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. oakland mayor jean quan said it cost the city about $2 million since october to clean up things like graffiti own vandalism here at frank ogawa plaza. october was when the occupy oakland movement really picked up steam. you can see some of the writing here. that is what the mayor is referring to. after saturday ice occupy oakland protest there was damage inside city hall. the short doors were chained front after occupy oakland protestors entered the building after a saturday afternoon demonstration. a 100-year-old model of city hall was toppled over and damaged. there was also interior windows broken, flags burned, and damage to the city's electricity system to the city hall -- electrical system. >> constant vandalism is almost every saturday. somebody has had graffiti. somebody has had their window broken. it's getting pretty tiring. >> it was all on saturday afternoon into the evening. when several occupy oakland protestors took to the stree
oakland police and mayor jean . >>> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. today, damage done. oakland police and the mayor showed reporters damage caused by occupy demonstrators. the city says it has respected free speech rights, but has apparently had enough. don knapp is in oakland with more. >> reporter: it would seem that the city administration and top police officials have reached the breaking point, if not the turning point in dealing with occupy oakland. now, what this means in terms of future plans, they are not saying, because all we're seeing so far is frustration. mayor jean quan walked news crews through oakland's vandalized city hall and the aftermath of saturday's occupy oakland blitz. >> the irony of this room, this is a room where we have our new homeowner program, low income people get housing. and we will have experts on monday in here checking to make sure that our fire alarm systems still work because they cut the wires in the electrical box here. >> reporter: the damage came around 8:00 p.m., after vandals forced open city hall doors, quan says, and ransacked wha
this morning in oakland. a pedestrian was hit and killed on could middle drive near the oakland airport. this started with a traffic stop. >> reporter: for four friends a joyride turned deadly off this road. we're off doolittle. that's where the accident happened. this took twists and turns last night that no one could have predicted. one man is dead. the victim's friends are pointing the finger at alameda police. four people were pulled over at 5:00 p.m. off otis street for speeding. the police officer cited roberts for a suspended license and had the car towed. the police officer offered to call the group a tanky but they didn't have any money so they began to walk away. after a half-hour james was struck and killed by a driver in a silver mercedes near langely street. he was walking on the shoulder and thrown about 100 yards into a ditch. he says he doesn't understand why police left them like they did. >> we told numerous people, numerous times and we could not get in contact with nobody. there wasn't no reason for us to be towed because our safety is first. it's like he left us str
. tell the story. and the oakland taxpayers is >>> i think they've been treating this like a playground and i think everyone is losing patience. >> the pictures tell the story and the tab for oakland taxpayers is in the millions, the impact of occupy. started in new york but thriving in oakland, why the east bay is turning out to be the new best host for the occupy movement. >>> and deadly fog in the sunshine state, dozens of crashes blamed on bad weather. the massive clean-up as authorities piece it all together. is enough. the mayor and police chief say e good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. >>> the powers that be in oakland are saying enough is enough. the mayor and police chief say the city has respected the rights of occupy demonstrators, but after this weekend's damage to city hall city leaders say something must be done. don knapp is in oakland with the aftermath. reporter: the impression one gets after hearing from top city officials and police officials is they have reached some kind of a breaking point. they don't have a plan, but if they, do they aren't talking about what it.
>>> inspecting the damage in oakland's historic city hall. what major jean quan wants a judge to do after last night's oakland protest turns violent. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. they're picking up the pieces now. both sides are assessing the outcome. ktvu's christien kafton reports. >> reporter: it's a pretty good picture of them using a curve ball to get in. and a pretty good picture of those who broke in. >> reporter: jean quan led a tour through oakland city hall, showing where and when protesters broke in. >> it's a beloved building that's a symbol of oakland's resilience. i think people are getting ready angry. >> reporter: oakland police say they arrested 400 protesters in all last night. protesters targeted the downtown ymca and sandized frank ogawa -- and vandalized frank ogawa plaza. today some members of the occupy movement say despite the clashes with police, they want the general public to focus on their message. >> the invasion should come down and have their voices being heard. >> reporter: members of occupy oakland say they're going
late breaking news at the occupy oakland protest. protesters have broken into city hall apparently about 20 to 25 minutes ago, some occupy protesters broke through the doors and they went inside to city hall. we understand that police officers are responding to that situation. i am a different scene, i am at 24th and broadway right by the ymca. earlier about 6:00 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. about 100 to 200 occupy oakland protesters marched from frank ogawa plaza to the ymca. they decided to break into the gym, this is an active and gm this is not a vacant building. why they decided to break into here we do not know. the ymca does serve a lot of low income families. at this time we do not know why they wanted to breaking. police officers, quite a few were able to stop them and corner them next to the ymca. now, they're in the process of arresting these protesters and police officers say 100 if not more are being arrested in process at this point. >> their workers inside the building at the time and they lock the doors as they saw the protesters coming towards them and then the protesters br
) "...unfortunately oakland hs been picked as the center oe mvoement and i think its pay been our fault" but who else is responsible? tonigh: we ask: why is occupy so violent in oakland? (eng_oakland city hall damae 11:15:14) "it's getting prey tiring" good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >>> if you are the objectives of this crowd was to be as visible. >> rather, billy tabak. at tour of the damage left by occupiers and the mayor says about the occupiers. >> oakland has been picked as the center of the movement, and i think that maybe partly has been our fault. >> but who is as to ask tax wise occupy so violent in oakland? >> it's getting pretty crazy. >> oakland police and mayor jean quan showed reporters the damage caused by occupied demonstrators. the city says it has respected the demonstrators greet speech rights, but it has apparently had enough. doing this occupy has been frustrating. >> what we are hearing from top city officials, we have reached the turning point is not the breaking point. they may have planned that if they do they are not telling us what it is. >> mayor jean quan wanted news
. >>> clean-up begin today's in down oakland after last night's violent clashes between occupy protesters and police. >>> the last meal, the reason that st. anthonys in san francisco is closing and the impact on those needing a hot meal. >> complete barack news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >>> good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >> oakland police say they are prepared after a night of chaos and violence ended with hundreds of arrests. >> it was builds an occupy protest, but what began as a peaceful protest ended way night of clashes between police and protesters. now this evening there are accusations of heavy-handed conduct from both sides. at least three officers and one protester were hurt and in all 400 people were arrested. >> it's a pretty good picture of them using a crow bar to get in and a pretty good picture of the people who broke in. >> today oakland mayor jean quan led a tour through oakland city hall showing where and how protesters broke in last night and the damage that they left behind. >> what j
the sale of marijuana for medical use. >>> six people arrested after an occupy oakland march last night. oakland police say protesters broke windows and vandalized a television news van and threw bottles at officers. an explosive device was found on one of the suspects, which police say was a quarter stick of dynamite. occupy oakland says the march was a protest against recent police actions at other occupy protests. >>> well, police in walnut creek forced out tasers to break up a huge bar brawl just after 1:00 this morning. police say more than a dozen people were fighting each other and a gold chain was stolen. police arrested two people after an officer was punched in the face, and two others were arrested for obstructing an officer. >>> less political policy and more personal attacks. what the republican presidential candidates say they just don't like about each other. >>> and if you could go anywhere in the world, the "new york times" says you must come here. why it says oakland should be a must on your travel list. >>> and our balmy weekend weather pattern will begin cooling off
are doing to catch the person responsible. >>> and you are hear. one of the world's hottest spots is oakland. evening. to americans will be honored this week. they rescued two elderly people trapped in their house on fire. how the couple got out but couldn't get to safely on their own. >> reporter: laura helps recover what can be saved. the house burned early thursday. her grandfather and grandmother made their way out of a back door but were trapped in the walkway. the gate on that side was locked. it may have been the saddened of the story if it hadn't been for two 25-year-old men who saw the smoke. >> as i understand it they were trapped behind the gate because it opens from this side and the men let them out and got them away from the house. >> reporter: kevin and jonathan were on their way to make a recycling pick up, saw the smoke and came to the rescue. according to a fire press release they yelled into the house, then they made a lot of noise to alert people. they heard the couple in the side yard, made their way to the gate and opened it and led the victims to safety. while family
francisco's 80 split that looks good. let's go back to dave and pam. >>> in the news employees at oakland city hall will go back to work after occupy protestors vandalize the building over the weekend. allie rasmus is there to tell us and show us the damage left behind and the clashes with police that started it all. >> reporter: we are standing outside frank ogawa plaza in downtown oakland. you can see some of the writing on some of the stone perimeter around the plaza here. this is what the mayor says cost the city of oakland $2 million since october. that's what they are billing and telling their insurance company the damage has been from some of the occupy oakland demonstrations and protests and vandalism here in the city of oakland. the mayor says after saturday's occupy oakland protest there was damage inside city hall. she took our cameras in to show us. yesterday the building was chained shut after occupy protestors entered the building. inside the model of city hall was toppled over and damaged. some flags were taken and burned outside the building. the buildings electrical syste
>>> los miembros del movimiento ocupemos oakland se'tan frente a la alcaldía hay más detalles del choque de un tren y una camioneta que cobró la vida de 3 personas. y ya inició la temporada para presentar la declaración de impuestos, le diremos dónde tener ayuda grauita. [♪]. >>> cómo le va, muy buenas noches, gracias por acompañarnos. soy ramón adame. esta noche, miembros del movimiento ocupemos oakland se reunió con la alcaldía de la ciudad, donde cerca de 400 manifestantes fueron arrestados. claudia nos tiene los detalles en vivo desde el este de la bahía, adelante, claudia, te escuchamos. >>> efectivamente, ramón, el tema principal de la asamblea de esta noche fue precisamente ese, los incidentes ocurridos ayer. >>> miembros de los indignados mostraron su solidaridad con los 400 arrestados. >>> en 2 proposiciones, una era para una huelga general en día 1° de mayo, y también una marcha contra la policía que respondieron muy brutalmente con nosotros, y también vamos a intentar de nuevo ocupar un edificio >>> uno de los miembros del movimiento de los indignados
the game's over, stay tuned for our live point after post game show. >>> developing news in oakland: a high speed chase overnight has ended. kraig debro is on the scene where there is still a ramp being blocked. >> one of the suspects is right here. they're taking him out of one patrol car and putting him in the other. quite a story. quite an explanation as to how the suspects came up the, what would be the 98th avenue, 880 southbound ramp. they actually came up in the northbound direction, the opposite way. chp sergeant on the scene told me this began with cash rally chp trying to pull over a car, still on the scene, eastbound 580, eastern castro valley. the suspicion was dui. the car initially tried to pull over or slow down as if to pull over, but then kept going. from there it was a wild chase. to dublin, got off the freeway, turned around, starting going westbound on 580, at some point, the suspects were on 237 and got to 880 over here. as to how they got on this side of the roadway, that's unclear. the sergeant on the scene told me they stopped on the highway and turned around to get
>>> good morning. picking up the pieces after a violent weekend of occupy protests in oakland. the cleanup effort that is under way this morning. >>> we are live in san francisco this morning where an early morning power outage effected many people. we'll talk about when the lights will come back on. >>> and we're live in downtown walnut creek where drunken fights are becoming a major problem out here. we'll tell you what lead to nine arrests just this weekend. >>> plus pulling away from the pack. the revealing results of a new poll as florida's republican primary gets closer. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning, to you. welcome. it's monday, january 30th, i love the new studio. >> thank you, you too. >> i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. we are in our new studio. what is really exciting we can look right over here and there is steve paulson in his new weather center. >> i am indeed. we have cloudy skies this morning. temperatures a little warmer because of the cloud cover. it's a weak system it won't do much. then we'll have partly sunny skies later on.
. >>> a random shooting in oakland taking the life of a five-year-old boy. what police and family members say tonight about the tragic death. >>> and a pedestrian hit, two cars hit as well in san francisco, the reason police say two men led officers today on a wild chase. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 action news at 6:00. >>> good evening, happy new year's eve. i'm eric rasmussen. >>> and i'm heather holmes. we begin in san francisco where two men suspected of robbery and kidnapping are in custody tonight, following a wild police chase. police say the pursuit began about 2:20 this afternoon, officers say along the way's the running suspects hit a pedestrian who suffered minor injuries as well as the car. the chase ended with the suspect's car hit, and then another parked car, police say the two men tried to run but quickly were arrested. >> they went to grab somebody else and held them hostage, yeah, it was scary, i was glad there were so many police here so fast. >> investigators say the men may have been trying to steal a laptop. >
up from the scene. >>> city leaders assess the damage from this weekend's occupy oakland protest and coming up we'll tell but plans already in the works for another demonstration next week. >>> just days after the city of wall night creek discussed ways to prevent violent bar brawls, it's now investigating fights that sent two people to the hospital and injured three officers. >>> also, the power has been out for 12 hours now. the problem facing a san francisco neighborhood right now. "mornings on 2" begins right now. >>> well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, january 30th. >>> let's go right to sal. breaking news. >> this happened on doolittle drive on hagan burg. this is very close to the oakland international airport. i do have a map. this crash happened about 6:30 this morning, maybe a little bit before that. if you drive to the oakland airport or on hegenberger or 98th, this may or may not effect you because doolittle connect where those two highway and streets come together. so we're asking you to leave a little bi
in oakland a raid by police overnight has removed a symbol of the occupy oakland movement also removed several protesters and taken them to jail. the story coming up in a live report. >>> new worries as the dry winter has calfire concerned enough to change its off-season staffing plans. >>> good morning i'm mike nicco. another die forecast. one of our highlights. -- fog to talk about, very isolated dangerous waves on the way to our coast. >>> i'm frances dinglasan. live shot of the bay bridge toll, a little back up, in the cash paying lanes new accident in san jose north 10 -- [ inaudible ] >>> thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. residents are holding their noses in an east bay neighborhood near the former concord naval weapons station this is not the first time they are smelling the foul odor and they want answers. amy hollyfield is live in concord. this happened in november. is it the same source >> reporter: it looks that way. conoco phillips owns that pipeline and has said it has been doing work on the pipeline doing some excavating so the smell seems to
robos, la policía de oakland advierte de una serie de robos. >> buenas noches,,gracias por acompañarnos en noticias univisión 14, residentes de la ciudad de oakland, celebran el natalicio al defensor de los derechos civiles martín luther king. >> miles de personas se reunieron para celebrar el cumpleaños del doctor martín luther king. >> el grupo juvenil de oakland , celebraron junto a miles de persona el cumpleaños de el doctro martín lther king. >> siempre escogemos ese día para conmemorar la vidad de este gran hombre. >> asistentes del evento dijeron que es importante que celebremos este día, porque recalcan que es importante defender los derechos civiles. >> algunos también dijeron que si martín luther king junior estuviera vivo, apoyaria los derechos civiles de la mayoria de las personas. >> el diría que hay injusticia todavía, y el entendería eso. >> los coordinadores de la actividad, dijeron que en los 10 años que la han realizado, dijeron que ha sido la ocasión en donde más personas han ido en oak oakland. >> una mujer fue arrestada por conducir en estado d
converged on oakland to try to take over a vacant building, but that demonstration quickly turned violent. a ktvu crew was right there as police in riot gear faced off with protesters. as you can see here in these pictures, smoke and projectiles being thrown at the officers. this confrontation happened not far from what has been the epicenter of the occupy movement, frank ogawa plaza. about 100 protest were corrals by police. patti lee is live to bring us her firsthand account of the chaos that ensued. >> reporter: as we covered this story, we actually became part of it. members of the angry crowd jumped on our live truck and threw rocks at our windows, shattering them and usual personal experience is one example of the kind of violence we witnessed tonight. tear-gas and flash bombs filled this plaza where occupiers paced off with police. one of multiple clashes tonight. >> all we were doing was marching and nothing, we didn't throw anything. >> reporter: occupiers claimed innocence, but our cameras caught protesters hurting bleach bombs the and least two officers were hurt. >> their in
occupy protest fors need to quote stop using oakland as their playground. the use of force by oakland police started early in the day along oak street. officers fired off tear gas and flash bangs after protestors tore down the fence. our ktvu crew captured some protestors throwing bottles, rocks, and other projectiles at the officers. >> at this hour there are people still at frank ogawa plaza. cleanup is expected to get under way there. and lorraine blanco is joining us with a look at some of the damage and vandalism left behind. lorraine. >> reporter: police are guarding city hall as we speak right now after what happened last night. they told me this morning the arrest count is at more than 400. check this out. you can see quite a bit of graffiti behind me. that one right there weeds stab a cop. what you see here is a small part of the mess. we can't show you a lot of what needs to be cleaned up here this morning. because of all the profanity. a good portion of the vandalism is directed toward oakland police. if you take a good look around the plaza and city hall you can see pant s
>> hundreded of protesters arrested as a raucous "occupy oakland" demonstration works its way into the night. >> tear gas and flash bang grenades marked a day of clashes with police. it all escalated into a mass arrest at the downtown ymca tonight. a ban 0 of roaming protesters vandalized city hall and tonight oakland is calling for mutual aid from neighboring police departments. >> we're taking live pictures right now from sky 7hd. this is the protesters on broadway outside of the ymca. they have been on the all night, streets all night, and sergio is live in oakland with the latest on this protest. sergio? >> reporter: going through the statistics of today's police action is kind of like going through a laundry list of may hem. there have been hundreds of arrejured, ane police officers injured, and a demonstrator injured. several buildings broken into and vandalized, as well as vehicles. tonight the mayor and her leadership staff say they have come to an end of their " "occupy" demonstrations. city hall became one of the target office demonstrators when a few people managed
>>mark: a violent weekend in oakland. more than 400 people arrested. protesters began throwing rocks and bottles. protesters say officers also used baton on individuals. at least three officers and one protester or injured. >>darya: will tran and is live in oakland. >>will: it is massive out here. one door is padlocked using chains. everything seems to be normal this morning. our washer's should be out here, this is something they are used to seeing. for will >> now that the sun is that we will get a better view of this boat going around like maritime to get attention from administrators and the people of oakland. and >>darya: >>justine: we are following occupy protests from coast to coast. there could be a fight during between protesters and police at the occupy encampment. check out the video into the newsroom. protesters have been camped out for months. we will monitor the situation and about keeping updated. when >>erica: temperatures in the '70s for friday and saturday. into the afternoon, partly cloudy conditions. mostly cloudy and to the overnight hours the temperatures
oakland. can oakland's mayor quan present the kind of violent protests she saw over the weekend? she says she is going to try. >>> a gunman opened fire on a vehicle in oakland. the driver gets on to i-580 and doesn't stop until his engine catches fire. >> thousands of kaiser permanente workers walk off the job. the one-day strike will be one of the largest in the hmo's history. >>> live look downtown san francisco. a few clouds, sprinkles that may be it for the next two weeks. >>> good morning i'm frances dinglasan. live look 680 walnut creek. off to a great start no accidents or stalls reported on bay area freeways. >>> good morning thanks for catching i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. mayor quan is promising new action to punish occupy protesters and keep the most aggressive away from city hall. this after a violent and damaging day of protests over the weekend. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza with the latest. >> reporter: she doesn't have a lot of time to come up with the plan. the protesters say they are coming back. they are plannin
disrupts tonight's meeting to discuss the city's new budget plan. oakland is $28 million in all ended dozens of jobs are slated to be cut. concerns about the city's budget were put on hold after a crowd of occupiers showed up. we are live. >>pam: san francisco's sheriff will fight to see his family, a preview of the court appearance for ross mirkirimi and we have court documents that show his wife told a second neighbor that she was abused by mirkirimi. >>pam: lead, cadmium and the manganese rossetti's high levels of these metals are found in the air named--near to each state factories. kron4 uncovers why small children are being tested to analyze the threat. >>pam: right now at 8:00 p.m., a developing story out of 8:00 p.m.. the city is trying to balance its budget but was distracted by occupy protesters. kate thompson was at the oakland city council meeting when it happened and is joining us live with the latest. kate came to a screeching halt. let's get to the video and show you occupy protesters coming through the city council chamber doors. police tried to stop them but the
arrested in oakland. it's the nonviolent day and it's not over. they're is a lot of look up the standoff between police and protesters. officers have arrested several protesters. >> there have been tensions from the start of this today with some occupy oakland protesters writing online even before the demonstration began. >>> they were responding to bottles and rocks with smoke bombs and tear gas. >> by evening occupy oakland demonstrators left for other areas. they attempted takeover of the kaiser center. instead they marched to 19 can telegraph, an inner-city condo and apartment complex. police moved in behind and box them in an allergic vacant lot. as tensions mounted the group pushed through the fence and brand around police and headed for the street. moving at will through the city with police behind them, they made their way to put it fourth and broadway. force the doors and made it inside the ymca. >> so we got at total rough estimate of about 100 people being detained and possibly being arrested. >> they made their way into the building and trash things as they went.
mcsweeney live in oakland. a city on the verge of losing 28 million dollars in state money. last night people wanting to know is that my job you are going to cut? i'll show you more coming up. >>> also, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi returns to court today with a new attorney. mirkarimi wants a judge to lift a court order forcing him to stay away from his family. >>> state regulation ares set to prove new rules requiring 15% of new cars sold in california aid >>> good morning i'm lisa argen in for mike nicco. mild temperatures, despite that plenty of clouds and dense fog. >>> [ inaudible ] >>> 4:30, up and at 'em, foggy, cloudy. we are not describing mike's state of mind. -- >>> i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >>> in oakland city leader's ears still ringing after a raucous meeting. the council had painful and unpopular vets by the time the dust cleared not much had been done. terry mcsweeney is live at city hall. the volume was up loud. >> reporter: it was a standing room only meeting here. 105 oakland city workers are going to be losing their job. it is going to be an
oakland. city leaders are searching for answers while the international community cast as weary eye to word oakland. jodi hernandez joins us. nothing seems to be working. what is mayor kwan's latest plan? >> reporter: raj, there's a lot of frustration on all sides. the police chief tells me he believes protesters are becoming more violent and more confrontational. protesters say it is the police that are the aggressors. meanwhile, people who live and work here in downtown oakland say they are tired of seeing their city turned into a battleground. oakland city workers spent another day trying to clean up the mess created over the weekend when occupy oakland protesters tried taking over a city building and broke into historic city hall, breaking glass, destroying furniture and even toppling an 85-year-old replica of city hall. >> cleaning up after things that you know, don't have to happen, is difficult. this isn't like an earthquake or a fire storm. this is not, you know, this is a man made situation. >> i don't think any of that would have happened if the police didn't intervene in
>>> hundreds of arrests after hours of chaos in oakland in the name of the occupy movement. >>> and a new manhunt in the east bay for two suspects who opened fire at a late night party. the challenge that police have, in trying to track down the shooters. >>> plus presidential hopefuls crisscrossing the state of florida before the next big contest. the big tea party boost for the former house speaker. it is 8:30 on sunday, january 29th, already. thanks for joining us today. >>> we have a lot of news and talk to cover in the next hour. redevelopment. you have heard about it in sacramento. what does it really do and how did it wind up being so abused in the state? that is one of the topics we are going to cover in the next hour. >>> hundreds after rests last night athey tried to take over a company of buildings and ended up breaking into city hall. vandalism there and several acts of vandalism all over downtown. including private businesses we'll be talking about that and have a look at some of the pictures with last night's tear gas. >>> how much more can go on? >>> mean whi
, most of bonhomme at this point. reporting live. most of -- got home. >>vicki: fasa mayor of oakland, jean quan felt violated as she saw the violence. . this is an emergency door in case of fires of this will have to be redone. there is a pretty good picture of what happened. this is probably the saddest and damage. we think the that is from the original architects model this is probably over 100 years old. >> the this collage of /collection of city managers it is been smashed. also we have a program inside of this room and it is been smashed. this is the 1% in spor-support. of the protesters this one did pretty well. mayor jean quan said the following. >> as soon visually, we ought to start the cleanup. >>vicki: 400 people were arrested last night. we spoke with police and protesters sheet shows us what happened and what they're doing as they are getting released from is it chi. >> after a day of protesters and police had a very long day. failing to disperse, most of these were cited, processed and released on the scene. however, 100 replaced in the glen dyer jain and the femailes w
of oakland city hall. it happened as demonstrators broke into the building. when this picture was taken police had not yet arrived on the scene. one protester was injured. >>ysabel: just before protesters took over city hall, they perform a couple actions around town. 200 stormed into this downtown ymca. this is video from 6:30 p.m., the gym was still open into many were still inside. officers arrested more than 200 people at this location. earlier in the evening, occupy protesters clashed with police. police declared a gathering an unlawful assembly and told them to leave immediately. police were hit with projectiles and several arrests were made. third >> many times i do not agree with the actions that are going on or i have disagreements. that is why we have a general assembly process. this city spends more money on its police and social services. we are not out there protesting, we're protesting because people need food, shelter and education. >> i felt that things went well until the police started with tear gas. at that point, there was more nervousness. there was more residents i
-depth look at oakland's first murder of the year. governor brown plans to cut billions from welfare and says that schools may be next. another strange twist in the case the anthony story, six months after being acquitted of murdering her daughter, she appears on you too. her parents say her life may be in danger. >>pam: we're learning more about the college student who was gunned down and killed last night. he was 19 years old. j.r stone is joining us in the studio with more. >>j.r.: this is the area where police found isaac wet last night. by the time police got there he had been shot several times. officers told me they received 911 calls from those who live in the area. >> the victim was a good kid. he overcame a lot of diversity. he always to the right thing. he was definitely on the right path. >> i spoke with a friend of his that says the violence has got to stop. >> during his last two semesters, it has been just about his music. he hasn't said anything about negativity or gang violence. >> i do not know what could have happened or why, i'm just sorry that it did. fog >> killing babie
bay. berkeley's first homicide in 2012. >>> "occupy oakland," the resurgence of the movement and how it threatens to shut down the airport. >> a foggy start to the morning commute. they are doing the lane change across the golden gate bridge. where the fog is thick. we'll tell you. >> gray now but lots of sunshine coming our way. what does that mean for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >>> it is friday, that's always good. good morning. it's january 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's been a long week, hasn't it? >> i'm grace lee. we want to start off with fog advisories this morning in effect for several roads and bridges around the bay area. >> it is a mess out there. drivers are being urged to use extra caution as you come to work this morning. gil diaz is at the bay bridge to show us the conditions there if he can see them. i can make out a little traffic behind you, gil. >> reporter: just a little traffic but i think everyone is driving a little slower than usual. good morning, frank. as i step aside, this is the bay bridge right behind me. there are fog advi
. the public works. ee has been with the city of oakland for 20 years. >> feel bad, yes. so, just pray and see what will be the next. >> reporter: he is 1 of 2500 city employees who have been given a layoff notice. oakland is losing $28 million in redevelopment funds, mondayly mainly used to improve troubled neighborhoods, and the mayor said she is scrambling to makeup the difference. >> it was really hard in less than three weeks to come up with the equivalent of $28 million in cuts. >> reporter: departments are merged, and 105 positions still have to go. the mayor said everyone will share the pain. >> primarily, the biggest cuts are in administration, some of the biggest cuts. we have eliminated five to six departments. we have eliminated a layer of administration. >> reporter: brian mans a parking booth at lake merritt. he said his job is in jeopardy, and he is making plans in case he is let go. >> you have to improvise and do what you have to do to survive. i look for a job every day. >> reporter: the mayor's proposed budget cuts will take away funding from two popular oakland attractions,
away, that was unclear. and you can't really charge is with failing to disperse. >> in oakland, abc-7 news. >> police are preparing for another possible demonstration tonight. we're live with that part of the story. >> reporter: oakland police have officers ready to go in case demonstrations heat up again. this is the scene this afternoon. all was calm but more people are expected to show up at 7:00 p.m. when participants of "occupy" oakland plan to hold a general assembly. there's been so far visible but relatively small police presence here. no telling how many officers are on standby. the chief wouldn't give details but say they are prepared for whatever may happen tonight. >> we have sufficient staffing here to address any potential acts of vandalism, potential crime of violence. we're prepared to do that and prepared to make arrests when necessary. in addition to that, a long-term, we'll be seeking civil recommends to keep them away from downtown if this becomes a per sis -- persistent issue. >> the remedies are stay away orderers for protesters who have been arrest multiple time
blocks. that's the area being targeted by the city of oakland in its effort to control ongoing street violence. christin ayers reports that the plan includes more than just increased police patrols out there, too. christin. >>> reporter: that's correct. over the next 90 days, the city of oakland will be targeting the city's 100 most violent blocks with more police and more programs for youth among other things. but they will have to do it with fewer resources and with the prospect of big layoffs looming. >>> reporter: a 3-year-old struck by a stray bullet on international boulevard. a 1-year-old shot in the liquor store parking lot in west oakland. a kindergartener caught in the crossfire when a gunman old fire near his parents' taco truck. all happened in the last 5 months in east and west oakland's most dangerous 100 blocks. >> these 100 blocks are where 92% of the murders have happened over the last five years. >> reporter: they represent just 5% of the city of oakland areas like east oakland's elmhurst district, the havens area near international and 66 and the housing projects ne
arrests tonight after hoursf chaos on the streets of oakland. havoc wreaked e of occupy oakland. >>> hundreds of arrests tonight after hours of chaos on the streets of oakland. havoc wreaked in the name of occupy oakland. >>> three people killed when a train collided with an suv. how investigators say the driver of the car caused the wreck that killed them. >>> and the catholic church selling uncle sam he's wrong. why the church is taking a stance on immigration. >>> good evening. the number of occupy protesters arrested tonight in oakland has jumped to 200. it's been a violent day and it's not over yet. we've been following the story all night and we are here to tell you what it was like on the streets and it was wild. >> tension from the start today but some occupy protesters writing on line that they intended to provoke police. riot gear police were ready to respond. three officers and one demonstrator were injured. by evening occupy oakland demonstrators left city hall for a second protest and they wanted to take over the empty kaiser center for a base of operations. they ma
cantonase. >>> people gathered in oakland with the goal of bringing an end to isle. >>> the terror of faith ministry offered music, food and community between bankcroft and foothill boulevard. the party honored the three recent victims of gun violence, 3-year-old carlos nava, 23-month-old and all of them killed in oakland in the past five months. >> i'm tired of it and let have a little prevention. >> the church held a similar event. the churches are partnering with the city of oakland to offer mentoring to young people at-risk and saying they want to getid kids on right track before they get in trouble. >>> firefighters in fairfield spent the day looking for hotspots after a five-alarm fire. investigators say the fire is not suspicious, but they are still working to figure out what the exact cause was. >>> it started just before 7:00 near the fairfield civic center. it took firefighters several hours to put out. firefighters say the fire is a reminder to residents to be aware of fire danger all year- round. >> this is definitely not the time of year that residents think about fire dang
. >> and i'm can is. oakland city officials say they will go back to the -- go back to the drawing board to come up with a plan to eliminate fewer jobs after a raucous meeting last night. terry mcsweeney is live at oakland city hall with the details. >>> the city of oakland suddenly losing 28 million dollars in redevelopment money they are talking about job cuts and program cuts no wonder so many people turned out last night, standing room only at the city council meeting. there was a lot of noise, especially from occupy protesters. take a listen. occupy protesters say they were there on behalf of labor and they forcedb: meeting to be adjourned for 30 minutes. councilmembers notified thousands of workers last week that their jobs might be eliminated. first it was thought that maybe 200 jobs could be cut now they are talking about 105 only 81 of those jobs are currently filled. the rest are job openings that will not be filled. one man feels the short notice. the notification going out next week, the short notice flies in the face of the city's mission statement to treatment employees wit
>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland where mayor quan has a new plan to try and prevent occupy oakland protesters from turning violent. protesters are planning their next day of action. >>> oakland police say a 15-year-old boy has confessed to murdering his mother and father. the bodies were discovered in a car covered with blankets. >>> thousands of kaiser permanente patients may have to wait a day to get health care. -- >>> good morning. a few sprinkles on live doppler pretty dry this morning. we'll talk about a cooler trend and temperatures that could reach 70 by the time the weekend gets here. >>> good morning. off to a great start -- [ inaudible ] >>> good morning i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. >> nice to have you here and frances back. i'm kristen sze. staggering new totals out of oakland we are learning more about the cost of damage number of arrests after occupy protesters clashed with police and vandalized city hall over the weekend. amy hollyfield is live at if plaza. the mayor has a new plan to deal with protesters? >> reporter: yeah, one i
, we have the latest developments out of occupy oakland. we have amateur video to show you of protesters wrecking city hall. check out this video. this is one of the first clashes between police and protesters. you can see please pull a female protester in her bike to the ground and then arrest her. this continued throughout the weekend. last night occupiers turned to frank ogawa plaza. police say they are on standby for anything. da lin shows us what happened with occupy oakland this weekend. >>da: occupy protesters did not cause any problems on sunday but city officials are now bracing for the next big demonstration. occupy protesters voted to hold a major march on february 6th. occupy protesters returned to frank ogawa plaza on sunday after clashing with police officers on the previous night. >> i do not believe i was doing anything wrong. i was not breaking any laws. i was protesting. >> police kept a watch on protesters, but added distance. fezzes officers inside were parked a few blocks away. officers stand ready to respond. >> sufficient staffing to address the many
demonstration throughout the day and into the night in downtown oakland. and richmond police are searching for a suspect who viciously beat an elderly woman, leaving her with life-threatening injury. >> good morning. >> we do have some high clouds. it's not as cold. today we will see another mild afternoon. maybe some rain tonight. >> sounds good. thank you, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. dozens of police remain on guard at oakland city hall this hour after arresting nearly 300 occupy oakland demonstrators last night. tear gas and gas bang grenades mark the most turn plant clash with police since their encampment was torn down last november. there were last arrests at the downtown ymca. one band of roaming protesters also vandalized city hall. the damage inside is still being assessed this morning. sergio reports. >> city hall became one of the targets of demonstrators when a few people managed to force their way in and make a mess of the place. a visibly flustered jean quan voiced her frustration with the latest demonstration. >> the
k tal muy buenas noches. >>> todo parece indicar que la ciudad de oakland tiene que despedir empleados. >>> muy buenas noches, la ciudad tiene que despedir a trabajadores para disminuir el deficit de la ciudad, la alcaldesa de oakland fue muy clara en decir que tendra que despedir unos 105 empleados, se trata de medidas dolorosas pero necesarias, tras la peticion hecha por el gobernador jerry brown por la falta de fondos, trataran de no bajar los personales en policÍa ni en bibliotecas. >>> los trabajadores que viven en la ciudad tendrÁ un impacto en la ciudad. >>> y eso no es todo, el concilio verÁ como podra hacerlo con estos despidos. >>> el alguacil de san francisco se encuentra nuevamente en el ojo del huracÁn, el sheriff tiene acusaciones por violencia domestica. >>> escalofriantes detalles por el secuestro de una joven. >>> esta es la supuesta arma que no dispara plomo y el cuchillo que en su poder tenÍa el individuo cuÁndo secuestro a la joven que fue objeto de abuso sexual, la policÍa determino que es un arma que se usa en pelÍcula, llamadas de tiro blanco, n
particular to help fight "occupy oakland." good morning, it's tuesday, january 31. >> look who's back! >> you know what? i find tuesday is so much better than monday. those three-day weekends are fabulous. >> take off tomorrow, too. you know. [ laughter ] >> take off right now! >> tan, haircut, rested. >> ally jealous. >> just a little. -- all jealous. >> just a little. >> i missed you guys. >> sure you did. [ laughter ] >> he didn't think of us for one second. >> a little bit. >>> traffic, did you notice any problems coming into work this morning? >> it was beautiful. >> not too many issues. we have roadwork but here's a look at one of our "timesaver traffic" cameras across the san mateo bridge. everything is up to speed here. crossing the dumbarton bridge, our neighboring bridge to the san mateo bridge, there is a little bit of roadwork. we'll tell you where and where else it might slow you down. in the meantime, is there any fog that could be an issue this morning. fog corn an issue and even some drizzle out there this morning folks if you are headed out the door this morning.
>>> tonight at 11:00, oakland police are searching for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman on 35th avenue near foot hill this morning. several people watched as she fought the man off. in a story you'll only see on kron4, reggie kumar talks to a woman whose video of the incident could help police track down the suspect. >> we have decided to protect the identity of the neighbor, due to safety concerns. she says the 36 year-old female victim was almost raped between this white van right here and this pole that you see behind me. she says oakland investigators are currently reviewing the video her cameras recorded. >> was he trying to pull off her clothes? >> he absolutely did! he was trying to pull hers down, and she was fighting him. she should have maced him. the cameras record her walking down the street with her laundry, and the guy on the side of her! >> the cameras didn't pick up which way he went. very scary for someone to do that in 11:30 in the morning! you got so much high traffic, cars that were passing, never even stopped to even help the lady. >> did you try and
, kron 4 news. >>> oakland is bracing for another planned occupy demonstration. protesters announced they will hold a day of action next monday. this is from last saturday. 350 people were arrested and protesters clashed with police. today city counsel members called for harsher penalties. >> we have allowed them to play the game. allowed them for -- for us to be chasing them. >> if we could make sure that there is a price to pay for the insanity weave seen, we have to make them pay. >> we need to be more creative and aggressive. look at utilizing all aspects to try to address this problem. >> police identified some people who are repeat offenders. >>> the city of milpitas and osha are trying to figure out why a construction worker was killed on saturday, two days after they issued a stop work order. kron 4's reggie kumar has more. >> reporter: this is where the worker was killed on saturday. fillets say the worker was crushed by soil inside a trench where cement was going to be poured for the foundation of a new home. people tried to rush to the man's aid but they couldn't save the
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